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Managing Director

A 3rd generation businessman, a leader and a designer who has been providing quality services for over 3 decades now. Over the years, he has worked for India's leading IT Companies, Hospitalities, Retail and many other sectors. He played a very Important role in projects like Passport Seva Kendra's under Tata Consultancy Services.

Mr. Giridhara Raj has also had active involvement in Round tables for over 20 years now and have supported many socially beneficial projects like school blocks for underprivileged, reconstruction of villages affected by natural disasters like Tsunami etc., He also played an Instrumental role for skin bank in rotary and hygienic toilets for women in public places.


Executive Director

Over 20 years of experience leading times in multiple projects and solving different challenges, Sarala has grown herself in this field of interior designing and emphasises a lot in being creative and delivering the best possible solution.

Being a Civic and Philanthropic, she has been in Ladies circle of India since 2006 & contributed to multiple social service activities.

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