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Panacor Management Services Private Limited.

Over the years, Creations Infra India Pvt, Ltd. have worked with interesting and challenging projects around the world. We are pioneers of Turnkey Interior Designs and still thrive to challenge ourselves with new and exciting projects that come our way. We believe that if we provide the best services, the value we add will exponentially multiple for our customers. On that line, we were fortunate to work with one such client.

Panacor is an organization that provides backend solutions for freight forwarding and logistics companies in the Middle East and they wanted us to renovate their wonderful office space. We took it as an opportunity to shine through the various challenges we faced during this 2-month project.


If you have to coordinate with designers, and various trades, such as carpenters, painters, masons, suppliers of aluminium and glass, electricians, etc., designing a space can be a real nightmare. We identified the best possible system to comprehend and carry out a design. Since one contractor cannot begin his work until the other one is finished, bringing them together to implement the furnished design can be quite a challenge.

Here are the key benefits and solutions we provided as follows:


  • We found the roof slab was too low and we needed to work on the ducting design with false ceiling maintenance.

  • Worked on drywall partition and grid ceiling designs, even though the entire area was not at the right angle.

  • We weren’t hesitant to work day and night with fixing HVAC, wall panelling and column cladding works.

  • Our designers want things to be perfect and customized for our customers – we revised the ductable AC unit designs as per the site conditions.

  • Beyond these wonders, we made sure the electrical services, supply and fixing of storage units are managed and maintained.

  • We provided more than 40 seats in the modular workstation with pushback chairs.

  • Instead of the floor mat, we suggested and worked magic on existing granite floor polish with deep cleaning work.

  • Laminated flush doors, walls and ceiling, are the added finishing touch.

  • Painting walls with a suitable colour for the setup and polishing teak wood doors took the interior look to the next level.


We just gave you the basic run-through of the services we provided for our amazing Panacor but the solutions and process were much bigger to ideate and complete it as a whole new ambience. Why? Because we want to elevate the human experience with a furnished and refined atmosphere.


Panacor Management Services Private Limited was more than satisfied with our new makeover as we finished the project within the promised timeframe with no quality compromises. Yes, we take our promises seriously and work towards giving out only the best.

One Stop Solution

One Stop Solution_edited_edited.png

The best feature of the Creations Infra India Pvt, Ltd. is that we offer an integrated solution in which one contractor oversees and manages the entire interior design project from beginning to end, thereby lowering the stress and workload on other professionals like carpenters, painters, masons, suppliers of aluminium and glass, electricians, etc.

Site Meetings

Site meetings_edited.png

In the case of a design and build agreement, site meetings often tend to be more fruitful. This is due to the Creations Infra  India Pvt, Ltd's. obligation to guarantee that all representatives are present. The site meetings are often prepared in advance, and the agenda is distributed internally. This increases the effectiveness and productivity of site meetings, saves you valuable time, and aids in maintaining the project's pace.

Delivery On Time

On time_edited.png

We will complete our project on time since our Creations Infra India Pvt, Ltd. supplier will supervise all of the project's subcontractors and give you a single timetable. Instead of managing several suppliers and specialists at once, we can watch one timeline and get information from a single point of contact.

Affordable Budget


Before choosing turnkey interior designers, be sure of the affordability and the quality service they provide because some may charge you more than necessary. However, with the Creations Infra India Pvt, Ltd., a project manager would oversee every expense within our budget, and there will be just one supplier we need to pay. It makes tracking expenditures and analysing budgets simpler.

We loved working with the wonderful space of Panacor Management Services Private Limited.


Now, can we turn your space into a spectacular ambience & We look forward to creating and renovating your space into a spectacular ambience. That’s what we do, making the design speak for itself.

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